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WCM Software is a Web Management Platform designed to support startups of any size
and provides custom web development solutions tailored uniquely to any needs and budget.
Web Management System

Why use WCM Software?

We offer our customers a wide range of solutions and services from early planning through to custom software development, including testing, full support and ongoing maintenance. We serve academic and research institutes, schools, online stores and other public and private companies.

Custom Development

We listen, learn and provide you with the optimal solution tailored to your business needs and budget, using the latest web technologies and our experience.

Web Design

We pay a lot of attention to web design of our clients’ projects to make their startups successful.

Advanced Statistics

WCM Software supplies your every project with extensive statistics on startups you are managing.

The Benefits of WCM Software

There are dozens of useful features and advantages our product offers.
With them, your startup or any kind of business project you are about to launch or manage, is assured to succeed!
The company location in The Hague provides effective service and support to our customers in The Netherlands.
Custom Development

Control Panel

If your business is in the distribution, manufacturing, online selling or retail space, or an industry that relies on a warehouse for storage and processing of items WCM System will without a doubt help you boost profits.

Responsive Design

The design of our product allows you to use it on any device - it will always look stunning.

Free Updates

Updating is the key of reliability, and that’s why our clients get free WCM system updates .

Existing modules

Our existing modules will help you to launch your online store, school website or corporate portal and easily manage all of your content, resources, warehouse or manufacturing.

Automatic backups

WCM System includes free backup to your data and business documents.

More Advantages

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Web Management Platform
  • Employee Management

    If you need to change information of a single employee, WCM System can help you with it.

  • Human Resources

    This product can help you easily manage all of your company’s human resources.

  • Actual Information

    WCM System uses secure information resources to supply you with actual business information.

3-Step Process for Creating Business Account


  • Description
  • Space amount
  • Access
  • Bandwidth Amount
  • Monitoring

Step 1

Free account

  • Demonstration
  • 5GBSpace amount
  • Limited
  • 10GBBandwidth
  • No data backup

Step 2

Test account

  • Customization
  • 30GBSpace amount
  • Trial
  • 60GBBandwidth
  • Daily Data Backup


Business account

  • Custom business solution
  • Up to 250 GBALL SSD
  • Ultimate
  • UnlimitedBandwidth
  • VIP Data Backup(7 daily backups)

What influences the cost?

Obviously, complexity of a product is the main factor when it comes to counting development costs. The following factors affect the final cost:

Web design

As usual, there are many factors that affect website design pricing. For example, complexity of user interface, style of design, responsive design, E-COMMERCE functionality and more.

Database Design

The cost of database design work depends on how much information you need to store, how many users will access the information, and the type of customization and functionality you need. Depending on your needs, a designer can either develop a new database or make upgrades and enhancements to our current database.

Frontend Development

The frontend of an application is distinctly human. It’s what the user sees, touches and experiences. In this respect, empathy is a required characteristic of a good frontend developer. The frontend of an application is less about code and more about how a user will interpret the interface into an experience.

Backend development

The backend of a web application is an enabler for a frontend experience. An application’s frontend may be the most beautifully crafted web page, but if the application itself doesn’t work, the application will be a failure. The backend of an application is responsible for things like calculations, business logic, database interactions, and performance. Most of the code that is required to make an application work will be done on the backend. Backend code is run on the server. This means that backend developers not only need to understand programming languages and databases, but they must have an understanding of server architecture and business needs and logic . If an application is slow, crashes often, or constantly throws errors at users, it’s likely because of backend problems.

Admin panel development

An admin panel is a very useful tool that makes it easier to operate warehouse, manage users and content, view stats, and more. However, finding a high quality and flexible admin template can be very difficult. On the other hand, building a custom solution unique to your business needs might be much more efficient.

Third-party integrations

Some functionality in the Platform requires integration with third party libraries, frameworks, and services. For example, to implement payment features we can integrate with such services as Paypal, or iDEAL. Real-time chats can be easily implemented with third party chart frameworks or APIs. GPS location can implemented with help of Google Map. Adding social media sharing capabilities can be accomplished with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social network APIs.